Workspace and Environment: Chris de Luca vs Phon.o

Hello people. Since I have decided to take this saturday evening to work on music and the blog, I’m throwing up a post for the weekend. I’ve always felt a sort of humbleness when people speak to me in English when it is not their native tongue. This usually happens when traveling but more recently, through these interviews. When English is not the artists first language, or even when it is, they agree to some small changes to keep their ideas fluent. I try to keep the integrity of their words and the context by not putting a spin on their ideas. So if you catch errors in the text regarding hardware or spelling, please let me know because I pretend to be human. With that said and out of the way, here is Chris de Luca vs Phon.o!

Chris: I started making music around 14 years ago.
Phon.o: I started making music around 10 years ago.
CLP: Chris was one part of Funkstörung, after the split in 2006 we started a new project together with called CLP (Chris de Luca vs Phon.o). Since about one year we’re working on an album which is almost done. We also did several remixes which you can listen to it on our website.

Play favorites with your hardware
CLP: There are so many good pieces and they all have different special features, but we would say that our fave is still the Nord Lead, because you can create so many different sounds with it and it always sounds so weird and special ,especially if we run it through the Chandler TG1 or our custom made distortion filter. Another favorite is our Amek 9098 compressor, damn, this piece is a weapon on drums and vocals. For us it is very important to put in a warm analog sound on our tracks. Favorite Software
CLP: It is a plugin done by a friend called Disctruction. This plugin is just amazing, it’s a combination of many plugins like granulator, bouncy, dblue glitch, etc, but all in one. It would take us to long to explain all features it has. :) …also we love the Duende plugins from SSL. we use the compressor and the drumstrip on all our files. It rocks!!

Can you talk about your workspace?
CLP: We like squares, it makes our sound more rectangled. So far we have a small studio in Chris’s flat. It smells like herbs and our table is too big for the room. Behind us there is messy stuff like boxes and a mattress, things like that. We really need a bigger studio and we actually found something really big together with our friends Apparat and Kid 606. After all the construction work is done and we finally can move in, we will tell you how this workspace will be. ;))

Are you guys involved with anything outside of your current project?
From time to time we’re working for advertising and film music. We also do a lot of remixes and productions for other bands.

Do you remember your first piece of gear?
Chris: It was the Roland TR-808. I’m a drum freak and this machine just blew me away and it was easy to play around with.
Phon.o: The Roland TR-606 was my flash.

Whats on your wishlist?
CLP: Oh, our wish list is very long, but if we have enough money (maybe in 20 years… ) we want to buy a Studer mixing console a SE Electronics ATC-1X, a Korg M3, a Protools System, 2 japanes knifes, and a Avalon AD 2044.

What does your live setup look like?
CLP: It includes 1 Powerbook, 1 Macbook Pro, 2 M-audio FastTrack Pro, 1 Akai MPD 16, 3 different Faderfox controllers, 1 Kaoss Pad Mini, 1 Kaoss pad 2, 2 customised distortion filters, 1 Evolution UC-33, 1 Behringer B-control rotary.

Chris de Luca was born in Rosenheim, a town near Munich in south Bavaria, Germany. He moved to Berlin about 3 years ago.
Phon.o was born in Thüringen (East Germany) where they have the best sausages ever. In 1997 he moved to Berlin.

You can find Chris de Luca vs Phon.o at

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