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I didn’t write the two sentence intro and I have a feeling Sgure didn’t either. We both don’t have the capacity to write like this. And while the intro serves it’s purpose by trying to describe his music, I was given a link and added it to the bottom of the article. Enjoy! Have a crazy weekend and if you’re in Los Angeles on friday, visit Redcat and say ‘Hey’ to Richard and Alessandro.

Sgure Bio: A vast array of vulgar pieces, glimpses into the foul and uncomfortable, intermingling with voice, speech, deafening silence and vomit create this pure utter musical torment. There is no code, no real rhyme or reason for the epic temper tantrum known as Sgure. In fact I never really started to work on music. I can only say I tried to play some Nirvana or even Red Hot Chili Peppers songs on guitar in my teenage years, then I started to understand I was not destinated to be a virtuose with any type instruments, I became more familiar with writing ideas and experimenting with stuff that was able to produce sound. Taking advice from some friends, I put money into Apple’s laptop and began to really save my work as files ;)

Regarding Hardware
I don’t have favor anything particularly, I had a real interest in patching stuff and using the nord micro modular, I did love pretending to be Jean Michel Jarre using the Kaoss pad too. The turntables are something super cool too! Spending lot of time with my friend Andy Bolus and then I dig all types of circuit bending stuff and start to do my own machine too DIY mic, weird gamepad and other inventions.

Regarding Software
Ableton Live, all the Natives gang, Peak. Everything is interesting and useful but regarding the circuit bending stuff that I love
and that “Do it yourself” thing that is a part of me, my favorite soft is max/msp, I like to patch for hours and hours, be a geek and lose friends. With max/msp you start from zero and put more interest in basic things. As I learned with my friend Alex from Chlorgeschlecht, “simple effects are the best”. max/msp is perfect for going to the / root/root/root/root.

Regarding Workspace and Environment
The more messy, the more comfortable I feel. I don’t particularly write in one place. My favorite is when the TV is on and around.

Additional Projects
Videos, silly drawings and Gazormass.

A band who can perform the riffs I need. I would love to try max 5 too.

Mobile Workstation
My lil setup is a Macbook, MOTU Ultralite or one of the soundcards I made. Also I bring a modified Sixaxis gamepad & mics. My big setup is really boring, it comes with my friends saying ‘”Freeka, you’re shity with your big rack! You wanna look american?” This big rack includes everything in the lil setup plus a Mackie, Kaoss pad, Micro Modular and never less than 5 mics, hehe.

Sgure lives in Bordeaux, France and can be found at:
Sgure Music

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