NAMM IS OURS! and a quick roundup

Justin and I have been relentlessly trying to coax our way into NAMM this year. We know some people that are going to be there and working for booths, we somehow even know a band that could get us in even though NAMM says that musicians aren’t allowed. Basically we had a lot of begging to do but throughout all this searching, we should’ve been a little more self-aware and looked at our own blog as a means. Justin wrote a nice little letter and almost instantly we were accepted!! So if you see two dorky kids (Justin is the tall skinny white kid with glasses and boots. I’m the medium asian kid with piercings, scars and tattoos) wearing media badges, please say hi. Actually, say ‘HI!” loudly so people will think we’re important and thus solidifying our ‘credentials’. Obviously we’ll be putting posts up about our upcoming charade of importance and of course we won’t tell you about the newest gear. We’ll leave that to everyone else.

And since a bragging post isn’t really acceptable, I’m putting together quick recap of the artists we’ve posted so far. There is a history section somewhere at the bottom right of the webpage but if you’re too lazy to scroll down, here it is:

Richard Devine
Dino Felipe
Aaron Spectre
Captain Ahab
Zach Goheen
Atom TM
James Cigler
Scott Jaeger
Keith Hillebrandt
Landau Orchestra
The Depreciation Guild

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