Workspace and Environment: Keith Hillebrandt

Keith Hillebrandt is best known for the six years he spent in New Orleans doing programming and sound design work for Nine Inch Nails during the making of ‘The Fragile.’ Though his work stretches much further and includes various remix credits, sound design for Logic 8 and his ‘Useful Noise’ sample library series, as well as his three solo albums. I’ll leave the rest to Keith…

Music Background

I got my Korg MS-10 and Elka Rhapsody String Machine when I was 13. I went through the band thing for a while but the studio is so much more fun for me. As I grew up with the Mac, the possibilities were so much more interesting than the almost preset world of live performance.

Favorite Hardware?
My favorite piece of hardware is still my ARP 2600. I use things like the V-Synth a lot, but the 2600 is just such a special sounding machine. As I’ve moved to using about 90% software synths, the 2600 just continues to blast out great noise!

Favorite Software?

Well I was part of the sound library team for Logic 8, so I’ve been using beta versions for about a year before it’s release. Being a Logic loyalist, I found so many new tools in the new version that sparked a lot of new ideas for my next album.

As for plugins, I really like using Trash for putting sounds in different spaces. It works well with Space Designer and Delay Designer in Logic for relocating sounds in a mix. I had a lot of fun with Ohmacide. Any new type of distortion is inspiring to me. I use Vanguard quite a bit, I love its filters, and it has put some of my hardware synths in the backseat.

How does your physical space and surroundings influence your work flow?

It actually affects my vibe more than anything. It’s a small converted bedroom in my flat, so everything is within arms reach and it’s wired for my way of working, so it’s a very fast workspace for me. It’s a dark room if needed, but I also have a large window that opens up if I want to stare out and clear my head.

Extra-curricular projects?
I have just tried to stay focused on making my own music. After working on the Logic 8 Library for 6 months, I felt I needed to forget about everything else other than writing. I did produce the Colombian metal band Koyi K Utho in Bogota, but since then it has been all writing and recording my next album, ‘Guilt Box’.

What was the first piece of hardware you remember obtaining?
Korg MS-10. I still have it!

What is on your current ‘wish list’?

All the PSP Plugins, An Analog Style Sequencer and the Vostok Semi-Modular

Mobile Setup?
My travel rig consists of an Apple iBook, with Logic 8, Live, Reason and all my AU Plugins, Novation X-Station, Apogee Duet.

Current Location?
Born and raised in San Francisco, with 6 years in New Orleans

Keith just released his third album titled Guilt Box on his own digital label ‘Sistema Sequecia.’ He also has plans to release a sound library based off the work on this album.

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