Upcoming Events

We will have another announcement on a gig in the works but until then, here are three things I’ll be involved in.

Tuesday January 15th
Ascend Training – 410 South Michigan, Suite 433, Chicago
9am. MGFest.com
There is a massive Motion Graphics Festival in Chicago and I will be facilitating the class ‘Introduction to Ableton Live’. Though Live isn’t my top choice for post production, I’ve used it for projects and its surprisingly applicable for certain productions. Though I won’t be around for the rest of the festival I advice you to check it out if you can. You can find information on my deal: here

March 20th – May 14th
European Tour

Eustachian and Teknoist will be on a European tour this spring and I will be latching onto a their shows. We are looking for shows within this time period in all of Europe. I will be using Paris as a home base, so I will be relatively close to everything and filled with cheese. Please help us if you can! Check out their press kit: http://www.fathme.com/

The current schedule is as follows:
Mar 21 2008 – Dissonant Festival w/ The Teknoist – Antwerp
Mar 28 2008 – Day of the Droids w/ The Teknoist – Barcelona
Apr 11 2008 – TBA w/ The Teknoist – Liverpool
Apr 12 2008 – Noise:Tek – Manchester
*Apr 25-27 2008 – Bangface Weekender – Camber Sands
*Apr 2X 2008 – Day of the Droids – Barcelona
Apr 30 2008 – Ghent (Charity Benefit) – Ghent
May 1 2008 – Drum Disciples w/ The Teknoist – Bristol
*pending approval.

And if you are not interested in brutality, my other projects can be booked:
the deep element or Myspace
[co]sen_tasi or Myspace
Please drop a line at trash@thedeepelement.com

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