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Justin and I are both in California, finished our NAMM expedition and will meet back in Chicago in a couple of weeks. We have finished gathering all the content from NAMM and will post it up when we have time to piece it all together. Don’t worry, you can find the newest miracle products from any other music source. We’ll have pictures and videos of some of the great content NAMM had. We were introduced to many great products(both new and old) and met so many amazing people. To get away from NAMM a bit, here is a short and sweet interview from the man behind radicalfashion on Hefty Records.

I started learning to play piano when at primary school. At first I didn’t like practice and soon quit it. About a year later, though, I began playing piano again. That’s the starting point. Besides, I have taken part in several bands, and I suppose that experience has helped me develop the sense of functioning as a part of the whole picture.

Favorite Hardware
It is a digital instrument called TENORI-ON. I’m interested in this kind of interface that allows quite intuitive manipulation, as it might enable you to capture the passing moments that you sometimes, quite unconsciously, bring about.

Favorite Software
Basically, I don’t use plugin…

Workspace and Environment
The moderate size of my working room is quite comfortable for me, leaving no wasteful space. I’m considering making a window these days. As you can see in the picture, the pianos are well arranged, aren’t they? This moderateness is convenient for choosing among the instruments. When I want clearer sound images I use the front one, for example.

Extra Curricular
I composed some soundtracks for film by friends made.

Japan’s radicalfashion releases out of the Chicago based Hefty Records. Be sure to check out their album ‘odori’.

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