L.A: Lust 4 Lace

If you are in L.A. on valentines day and you are reading this, it says a few things. One: you will not be snowed into your apartment. Two: you are probably single because you enjoy reading blogs about dude’s tools. Three: you’re smart enough to know that women get increasingly desperate and lonely as Valentines creeps in. Not only do you take advantage of this, your middle name is ‘the cherry picker’. So as a person who can walk freely outside but preferably behind men and in the shadows, I invite you to Lust 4 Lace. I don’t know much about the event other than it’s some sort of indie sex party. BUT it’s in a museum, so that makes it ok. Right? I composed a three part …. composition *sigh* for a short film my beautiful friend Willia shot and it will premiered among the dozens of films shown that night..

The following review is by Gabriel Solorio:
“You say you want to try, for several days perhaps.
Perhaps for several weeks.
Perhaps even for your whole life.
Try what? She asks.
Loving, your answer.”
(The Malady of Death by Marguerite Duras)

Inspired by Marguerite Duras’s novel ‘The Malady of Death’, artists Willia Drew and Carlos Zamora have created a beautiful and deceptively sensual short film that addresses subjects that will indeed resonate with and confront the viewer. ‘A Kind of Ache’ is simultaneously an exploration of the yearning for love through sexual contact and an interrogation of both conventional ideas of who ought to be intimate with each other and established sex roles. As a whole, the piece is a tribute to romanticism and a critique of simple traditionalism. The film’s rich colors along with its polite settings and softcore porn-esque quality provide a particular sensuousness that make delving into the critical and intellectual aspects of the work that much more compelling and what are found in those parts cleverly surprising.

[‘A Kind of Ache’ is a new video piece by Carlos Zamora & Willia Drew. Music by Surachai. Performances by Pete Borboa, Maurice Harris, Ceri Z., Cindy Conde, Chris Zeischegg & Prince Willia. Full running time is 11 minutes. ©2008. The piece will debut at the Lust 4 Lace show on Valentines day.]

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits (LACE)
6522 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028 [map]
Phone: 323-957-1777
Hours: Wed-Sun 12-6 Fri 12-9
Event Date: Feb 14th 8:00PM – 11:00PM

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