Sightings: Mark Romanek Documentary

I realize this post belongs more on Matrix or another gear porn site as it’s nothing more than ‘LOOK!’ A friend let me borrow some DVD’s since I’m not leaving my apartment today because the high for today’s weather in Chicago is 2. TWO!
I’m a few years overdue to watch The Director’s Series second series, which includes four more directors to the already inspiring three. The first series is mandatory watching and realize that between Gondry, Cunningham and Jonze, Bjork is their play thing. As a piece of useless trivia: Spike Jonze went to my highschool in Bethesda, MD and we hang out alllllll the time(repeated letters denote sarcasm). The videos are artistic, iconic, beautiful, etc. but I’m particularly interested in the production/behind the scenes/interviews of the work. In the 40 minute documentary on the DVD I saw somethings I’ve never seen in these series. As a segway, Flea states he ‘fucking hates’ one of Romaneks videos and if you’re distracted by his face, you’ll miss a nice Doepfer A-100 system in the background. In another shot it has multiplied by two in addition to some patch cables. From my limited experience I say it’s a hybrid between one of the suggested setups and some random modules.

Later on when Trent Reznor is talking about his work with Romanek there is a lonely Sherman Filterbank II under a rig of Pro Tools interfaces. I’m sure this is before he bought one of everything at Analog Haven.

But most importantly there is Shannyn Sossamon. She’s dreamy. What? No. You’re the stalker.

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