Workspace and Environment: Electrocute

Electrocute was also one of the first groups we asked to participate in the Workspace and Environment series and due to us both having lives, we finally got to it now. This has been a successful week in posting articles that have been sitting around! If you have any suggestions on which artists you would like to see here, drop us a line! Have a killer weekend!

Nicole Morier of Electrocute

How long have you been involved with making music?
Since we were 2 and could bang on pots and shout.

Favorite Hardware
Mac Powerbook, Echoplex

Favorite Software
Mostly using analogue these days, but we record in Logic Pro and the Bitcrusher plugin is pretty cool, also like the ES1 synth and Absynth.

Workspace and Environment
Well the helicopters that fly over Echo Park add a certain ambiance to our sound. And the Mexican radio that creeps through our amps sometimes through crossed radio waves can be annoying.

Extra Curriculars
Nicole: I’m writing pop songs. Have a song called “Heaven on Earth” on the new Britney Spears album.

First Gear
Legs: A stolen computer with Soundforge that broke in a month (karma)
Nicole: My dad’s guitar

Logic Pro 8, Reason, Minimoog, OB8, we want a lot.

Mobile Setup
Mac Powerbook, M-audio interface, SM-58 mic, Logic 7

Live Setup
Sometimes a live band with Drums, Sampler, Minimoog, Fender Organ, bass, guitar and sometimes just programmed tracks off laptop with Roland Dr. Sampler and guitar and bass.

How many physical locations has your studio been through?
Ohmigod, too many to list. We are road warriors and have always made music anyway possible by any means necessary.

Nicole: These are pics from my little home set up which is in transition now as I am in the middle of searching for a new apartment. but the IMac and the Yamaha speakers, midi keyboard and Rode mic travel easily with me and is basically what I use to demo and write tracks on using Logic Pro 7.

Electrocute is Nicole Morier and Legs Le Brock. They can be found:, youtube, amazon, itunes, usual suspects.

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