Access Virus TI – Software Public Beta 2.7

Just released today by Access, the version 2.7 Public Beta of the Virus TI Software which now includes:

– The Atomizer (Glitch/Beat chop effect, controllable via keyboard)

– Extra USB output, bringing the total USB outputs to three. (Using this removes the ability to use the TI as an audio interface)

– Support for multiple Virus TIs on one system!

Coming to future Beta/Release versions: USB Audio Input and Virus Control Center software which will let you overwrite ROM banks, make backups, and install OS versions.

Image via Flikr/Matrixsynth, original here.

On a side note, I have been a long time Virus user starting with the Virus A then the B (Indigo 1) and I’ve just picked up the Virus TI Polar. I can defiantly say that the integrated/plugin aspect of the TI system has really increased my productivity and my work flow. It really does work just like any normal plugin with the added benefit of having the full hardware right in front of you and total patch recall on song load. On previous versions of the Virus, I was mainly using it in single voice mode and recording each part into the computer. Now I take full advantage of using the multitimbral capabilities as well as the various output configurations. My typical setup has the main analog outputs of the Virus normalled to a DBX386 tube preamp while having the two (now three!) USB outputs running parallel to this in coming from the plugin in Logic.

Also, I’ve got two tracks made primarily with the virus TI streaming here: if anyone is interested in hearing the sound of the TI.

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