audio_Output: X0XB0X meets the Atomizer

Yesterday I did two small software upgrades to some gear. I installed the Evilx0x (.5) firmware on my x0xb0x and also found there was an update for the Virus TI 2.7 Beta software, it’s now at Beta 4. I was happy to find that the Atomizer is now a lot more stable when using it in Logic 8. So with the two upgrades, I decided to test them both out at the same time. On the x0xb0x, the new firmware lets you do some new interesting things while it’s playing such as various swing modes and shortening of the pattern to 8, 4, 2, or 1 steps in length. The Atomizer effect on the TI is basically a live audio slicer/freezer kind of thing and the mod wheel controls which frequency’s will be effected by this, left untouched it will slice the whole frequency spectrum, and as you move the mod wheel you can chop just high frequency content, or just low frequency content…

Anyway, I recorded everything I was doing as I was figuring it all out, here are some random chunks:

x0x meets atom – 1
x0x meets atom – 2
x0x meets atom – 3
x0x meets atom – 4

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