visual_Output: Totally Wired

I found a message in my e-mail saying that I might be interested and yes I am! There are too many worthwhile things to list from the video that if I’d be describing every single frame. So instead of that, press play…

You might be interested in the trailer for my forthcoming documentary called ‘Totally Wired’, which is about Andreas Schneider and his infamous analogue store in Berlin, Germany, called ‘Schneider’s Buero’. The doc explores the relationship between the boutique builders and gear- lusty musicians who make Schneider’s Buero an interface in its own right. Doc features some heavy inventors like Wowa Cwejmann, Dieter Doepfer and Ken Maccbeth as well as musicians like Ricardo Villalobos, Daniel Miller and Junior Boys.

Niamh Ahern
Director, ‘Totally Wired’

Trailer for ‘Totally Wired’ from Niamh Ahern on Vimeo.

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