We’ll do it live! Fuck it! – Surachai Gear Tour Diary

From the massive herds of 800 in Liege, Belgium to the desolate crowds of 20 in Zaragoza, Spain this tour was as moody as a buffalo’s teat in June. There are a few things I will remember to do next time. 1) Print out a personal bio on little cards to hand out to everyone because the essential (but exhausting) question of ‘what do you do’ can only be extravagantly lied about so much. 2) Put more filters in my modular system in order to kill more sound systems that don’t have limiters. Between our performances through the nights, we killed 3 systems. One of the systems even had a light inside the speaker to warn of impending melt-death. Pretty sight, bad smell. 3) Travel lighter! Plugging the modular system in the line-in on the Macbook gets noisy but it saves me from carrying an interface and mixer. The act is noisy by default so it turned out to be desirable.

I could talk about interesting setups I saw which included a family of Kaoss pads, or Wii controllers used with max but it more or less consisted of laptops and midi controllers. My camera’s LCD display got smashed in leaving me to take blind shots early on the tour. Not that I would take decent pictures anyway! Here’s an abbreviated tour…..

Liege, Belgium

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Madrid, Spain

Paris, France

Hamburg, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Modular through an X-Ray!

The setup!

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