Fuck it! We'll do it live! – Polyfuse

Here are some shots from this past weekend. I found out I was performing with Justin when he sent an e-mail to Jesse and I saying we were in his ‘band’. I guess it’s supposed to operate like Prodigy: He makes the tracks and we dance around like assholes. The gear list goes something like: Access Virus Indigo, Access Virus Polar, Doepfer Case filled with goods, Moog MF-104z, Korg padKontrol and a Macbook. The colored photos are by Bridget Driessen and the Black & Whites photos by Allison Tenn. I’m still looking for pictures from our improvised acid set on sunday that included a TR-808, X0Xb0X, Sherman Filterbank II, Moog Delay, AD-9….

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