Harvestman Tyme Sefari Featured in PC World

I would like to give props to Scott Jaeger of Harvestman Electronics for making gear lust worthy enough to be featured in PC World Magazine. He was featured in the Workspace and Environment series a while back. It must be a trip having your instruments being sported on a random but seemingly popular magazine. On a related note: I recently took his Malgorithm Bit Crusher and Polivoks Filter on a two month tour that wrecked 3 sound systems in Europe. That being said, I would totally recommend them!

Click here for the article!

This is a video that made me dream about throwing a Tyme Sefari in my system for an extended amount of time. And definitely thought about throwing my economic stimulus package his way. Speaking of which, I still haven’t received mine…. Who do I put in a headlock to get this money quicker?

first look at the tyme sefari from loopcycle on Vimeo.

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