Live: Trifonic + Mr. Projectile in San Francisco June 26th

Our buddies Trifonic are having their debut gig in San Francisco tonight at the Red Devil Lounge. While this may be their debut performance as Trifonic, they’ve been playing been playing around this blue dot for some time. If I lived remotely close to SF, I’d drag Justin with me to see this. They’re even bringing out Mr. Projectile to make the night the most brutal show in San Francisco. EVER. Ok so maybe these guys don’t specialize in brutality but rather in elegance and technicality. What else are you going to do on a thursday night?

You can download their album, here and be that person who yells out songs they want the band to play.

*Update* Here’s Trifonic’s album embedded for listening, buy it from their site if you like it!

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