Plan B ELF Series

Plan B has announced pricing for its ELF Series a couple weeks back and since we’re not an up to date news source, here it is. I travel with my modular regularly and I’m always scratching my eyes out trying to figure which modules to leave home due to space constraints. Enter the ELF Series. I’m looking forward to throwing a bunch of ADSR’s in my box! And the price are small as well! No word yet on prices of the planned summer/fall release.

Model – Description – Retail
23 – Analog Shift Register -$165
36 – Leveler – $60
37 – LFO – $160
38 – ADSR – $130
38A – ADSR Expander – $55
39 – Wave Splicer – $100
40 – Headphone Preamp – $75

You can find Plan B Products at Noisebug.

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