Visual_Random: Richard Devine & Jeswa

Remember Jeswa or Richard Devine off our Workspace and Environment series? Of course you do, cause I just linked you. Take a look at their modular setup from back then (around 8 months ago) and compare it to how it stands now, you’ll realize that addiction is a disease. I’m not proud when I say I have even supplied their dirty habit with modules from local listings. As you can see, their setups have more than doubled between the both of them with Jeswa having a monster case and Richard carrying around a Cwejman alongside 3 G6’s. You can check out the visually updated article at Elektron: here and listen to all that gear be compressed into a teeny weeny mp3: here. Be sure to check out their ‘gear’ section which is essentially anything that has ever made a noise.

Richard Devine passed the word that he and Josh Kay/Jeswa went to Duncan Laurie’s studio in Rhode Island this weekend for seemingly awesome times. I remember we all talked about ‘not really wanting much more’. Lies. We will lie. We lied to each other and to ourselves. We will steal your money and starve ourselves for modules. We will think about how much that vacation would cost in relation to how many modules we can get. We will accept gigs that pay in modules. But also, we’ll let you play with them.

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