Access: Interview with Hans Zimmer

Access posted a nice interview with film composer Hans Zimmer recently, I found a few excellent quotes. Among them was this:

On Da Vinci Code, I said, “other than the orchestral stuff, I am only going to use one thing”, which of course was the new Virus Polar because it had just shown up. Then it was sort of fun to go “ok, now what am I going to get out of this one machine” and it was a fun way to sort of figure out hot to push it all the way to the wall. But then I could ruin your day and mention that I did end-up putting another synth into it, because the Virus could not do one thing. Do you know what that synth was?

The Minimoog.

Fair enough.

Right! I had to do that bass thing. At the premier, at the Cannes Film Festival, when that little Minimoog came in, and it was not even vary loud, all the ceiling tiles began rattling and I was very happy!

Check out the extensive interview here.

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