Trash_Universe: Live Webcast NOW

*Update* I am sure, for whoever tuned in, saw just a bunch of chaos. That’s cause we were busy trying to have a life outside of the computer, which is rare. Anyway, we had some excellent guests at the Trash residence. Tomorrow we are all headed to lollapalooza, even though it’s a three day event, I am just going tomorrow. Surachai has been there all weekend. Click here if you want to us ignore you.

Native Instruments + Beatport was going to have a party tonight but it got canceled cause of some unforeseeable situations. Anyways, some of the guys are coming here including Alessandro Cortini of NIN, Richard Devine, Moe Espinoza of Droid Behavior, Daniel Haver and Jeff Horton of Native Instruments. Come party with us!!! Click here if you want to chat too.

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