LL Electronics RozzBox: 5-Voice Poly Synth w/Tube Filter!


– 5 Voice Polyphony via Digital Oscillators
– 5 Digital and Analog Filter on Each Voice
– One Tube based Filter
– Configurable FM engine with 7 algorithms
– The switchable “Hacker” adds artificial analog aliasing (tunable)
– 4 completely independent sequencer lines per voice, each with its own running mode and sychronization settings

Besides the classic design of a 4-oscillator polysynth with analog filters, the RozzBox features a bunch of mean functions that can’t be found on any other synthesizer, such as the Hacker, the chaotic filtermode, switchable aliasing of the oscillators and much more! When you put these all together, they can easily turn those sweet little analog pads into a fiendish hellfire!

Well that’s our kind of synth! I must have missed this one when it was announced but it appears to be (almost) shipping now via Big City Music. Although, this batch is going to everyone that pre-ordered, it looks like there will be another shipment on the way soon.

– Big City Music (More Info / Specs)

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