Flight of Harmony: Plague Bearer Demo

Because I couldn’t find any relevant demos of this module and the fact that I had only a vague idea of what Flight of Harmony’s Plague Bearer did, I decided to make a quick video of some of its functions. If you couldn’t tell by its name or its black widow color scheme, the module is meant to happily mangle your sound into oblivion. A comparison could be made to the Doepfer A-127 Triple Voltage Controlled Resonance Filter though only if the A-127 were robbing people and using the money for meth. This thing gets brutal quick and while its not exactly a filter, resonance filter or even distortion, it merges them all into a survived abortion. It also reminds me a bit of the Sherman Filterbank 2. It’s a pretty frankenstein module which is perfect because I have a freak show of a modular system. Also, I have no idea why my video has the quality of a 70’s porn but I like it! Modular sluts unite!

The signal path is my Cwejman VM-1 sine going into the Plague Bearer into your ear. The first sound you hear is the dry signal then immediately after, the Plague Bearer gets its way. The LFO’s are from the A-143-3 Quad LFO and Livewire’s Dalek Modulator. The repetitive 8 beat sequence (sorry!) is being pendulum-ed by my A-154/A-155.

Check out his mutations over at: Flight of Harmony

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