Ohm Force Group Buy

The ProtoolerBlog has gotten together with the plug-in geniuses at Ohm Force and are conducting a group buy that will get you up to 50% off. Considering that you’re not a student (whom already receive a 50% discount), this is a great way to grab some of the most beautiful plug-ins (aesthetically and sonically) I’ve ever used and obviously recommend the hell out of them.

*Updated Sunday October 27 – This group buy has been going so well that they had add on more discounts because it’s already reached beyond the peak halfway through! Currently the discount level is at 9 so as you read this, you’re guaranteed a slash of 51%!! Discounts can now go up to 60% I picked up the Ohmboyz Delay and the Quad Frohmage and saved myself over 150 Euros which is about 4,430 American dollars (not really).

Visit This Link and play around with the box to see where the group buy stands and how much it takes off of all the available plugs and bundles. Visit This Link to view all the rules associated with the buy.

These plug ins would make a great accessory to my samples below *wink* *nudge* *taps nose points to bathroom*

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