Video_Output – Arlovski 360: Episode 2

With your noodle arms and patch cord legs, I know you music tech guys (emphasis on guys) are all huge Mixed Martial Arts buffs. Considering that we’re all indoor kids here at Trash_Audio, I can say that we cant bench press our laptops. I’ve had a number of people write to me saying how they would kill to be in my position (both arms above my head holding a boom mic and following Arlovski) but I just ask ‘why?’ I mean would you really want to be around people that could kill you with their bare hands? Every single one of the people we interview could decimate us and I feel if these episodes don’t show them in a good light – they will. Ok, sarcasm aside – these people are the among the most genuine, caring people I’ve ever been around but being around Justin and Corey on the other hand….. *sigh* Anyways, I dare you to read the youtube comments on these videos and come out sane.
Again comments and questions are encouraged here. And I’ll say again that I don’t know how or if the music will licensed after this project is done. If they’re not bought out – I’ll most likely give them away here…. for your souls.
Five more episodes to go. Team TRASH GO!

I got in trouble last time for posting a direct link to the .mov file but you know what? If they can’t upload a proper HD version onto youtube, I’ll just have to link you to a higher quality version – one where you can actually hear reverbs and bass : View Here.

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