video_Output: Trifonic – Parks On Fire

Trifonic has just released their new video for the track ‘Parks on Fire’ which is off their debut album Emergence. It’s a beautiful piece of work done by video artist Scott Pagano. Be sure to also check out our previous Workspace and Environment article with Trifonic.

“Parks on Fire is the latest short graphic film creation of digital artist Scott Pagano. It is an exploration of the complex, interpenetrated, and reflective relationships of structure, form, and motion that both bind and conflict the natural and manmade worlds. The experience is a visual and aural expedition through a series of uniquely explicated environments. Stunning synthetic worlds of micro precision evolve and meld in to landscapes of natural forms evoking the achingly unknowable sublime that is here captured, redefined and expressed via intensive digital reprocessing. Sound and image drive each other to create the uncanny sense that both are emerging from the same dammed-but-divine ethereal engine. The effect is one of technological fear yet wonder, spiritual unease yet solace, and ultimately a feeling of hope born from the beauty of it all.”
Neither-Field (The work of Scott Pagano)

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