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There have been a lot of e-mails asking about the music in the Arlovski series. So far, it is all unreleased material except for a remix I did on Justin’s The Night That Laid Still release which is featured during a montage in episode 2. I shouldn’t say that the material is unreleased rather specifically made for this documentary. I make skeletons of the tracks during the week and when I receive an OMF, I lay the track against the video and see what needs to be added or taken away to fit. This is usually done at two in the morning and with people breathing down your throat. People have also asked about our solo projects and releases – Justin and I run a small label called shade:red which is basically an output for our projects. Here is a quick run through of most of our recent discography.

Surachai’s Releases
[co]sen_tasi – Clarity in Japanese – Save some money and get it through Amazon. If you want to pay more for the exact thing feel free to use itunes.
the deep element – currents – Free album or pay at Amazon.
Surachai – Programmed Cell Death – Free album. Plague Metal.
Surachai – Form – Free album. Modular Soundscapes.

Justin’s releases:
Justin McGrath – The Night That Laid Still – Beautiful compositions and the latest from Justin
Justin McGrath – Life Through Small Windows
Justin McGrath – Document for a Week – Justin made this album within a weeks time.

There. Now if I get another e-mail asking – I can send them straight here.

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