Tip Top Audio Z3000 Oscillator – FM

I saw a box waiting for me at my apartment, plugged in whatever was in it and behold you get a Trash_Audio post. If you want a proper and thorough review of the z3000, get it from Noisesource cause he’s got his shit together. Also, at Tip Top Audio there are some great demos on the academic side of the oscillator. I, on the other hand, am in the middle of this Arlovski thing and only had a second to play with it in between waiting for OMF’s and reference videos.
Whenever I hear demo’s of people using killer gear for evil (prog rock solos), I want to rip off my jaw and jam it down my throat. Yes this video is annoying and probably is not much better than a flaming 70s solo played in my mom’s basement but it’ll have to do for now. No its not edited nor planned but you may hear something you’ve never heard before… but probably not cause you guys have heard it all. Yes skip through the video because you can’t really see what I’m doing anyhow. Yep the patch is too complicated to explain but essentially its the Cwejman VM-1 plugging into the FM inputs of the z3000 (the module blinking green). No you can’t tell that the waveforms are thick as fuck and will crush you cause its streaming video.
It has features I’d actually use like the CV Thru that can daisy chain multiple oscillators and essentially bypass a mult, adjustable FM input that lets you decide what degree of chaos you want to allow seep in, digital tuner for internal and external sources that actually may encourage me to make melodic music soon – especially while on the road and not in front of a laptop. I don’t see this oscillator ever leaving my setup simply because its so much more than an oscillator – It’s a weapon of choice.

*Update: I got to spend a few more minutes with it and have a more controlled session I’d like to share. Swirling bass in a field of delays; CRUSH

z3000 – fm hell from surachai

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