JazzMutant Interviews Richard Devine

Honestly, I’m receiving a lot of audio news from Twitter and while it may be a fad, its ‘working’ for me at the moment and since most people have it in our Workspace and Environment series, I suggest you follow them. Anyways, JazzMutant has conducted a series of interviews on how artists use their instruments and since we’re mutual fanboys of each other, I’m linking you to the Richard Devine interview Here!

“The fact that you can customize it to the point where you can do pretty much whatever you want really was one of the things that really hit it off for me. Right out of the box, when I tried it with Reaktor I was already getting sounds that I was not able to get using typical CC automation, mouse or other controllers. Having a hardware controller with 8 knobs, and faders was a bit limiting for me. I wanted something that would offer me way more flexibility.

With the Lemur I realized it could go as far as I wanted, or I could create as many graphical controllers as I desired. You can have a ball bouncing around in a room with zero friction and have these automating parameters very quickly. Or it could be doing frequency modulation – you could even have ten of them! I love the idea of this chaotic free-flowing sort of manipulation and connection with the sound. It’s really amazing, like having extra hands doing the work for you. “

You can read the rest of the interviews they offer Here

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