Tip Top Audio: Z-DSP

Our friend Stretta has one of the few beta Z-DSP modules running around and has compiled a great review with amazing quick demos to further our enthusiasm for smart modules.

“I’m one of the lucky few beta testers of the new TipTop Audio Z-DSP eurorack module, and boy is it a lot of fun. The Z-DSP is a lot like the TipTop Audio Z5000, except embiggened. A lot. There are three CV controlled parameters per program. There is a feedback loop that you can tap into on the front panel so you can insert a filter or whatever module you can think of inside a part of the DSP process that is usually closed to tinkering. You can change the personality of the DSP by inserting a different card on the front panel. You can even voltage control the clock. This is serious sound-mangling mayhem. “ Read the rest of his experiments: Here!

Check out the TIp Top Audio Homepage from more information: Here!

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