The Age of Customization: ProModular

A few years ago, hell, only a few months ago you could buy one case from one company, one faceplate from the same one and if you ordered a case, you got a case. No extras, no bonuses. Now, we’re seeing people like Pro Modular and Monorocket fulfilling peoples customization needs not only visually but also with functionality. Call me shallow but if I look at an instrument and am turned off by the very sight, I’ll most likely avoid it when I’m reaching for the closest thing that makes noise. Current modular manufacturers are breaking away from Doepfer’s dreary gray mold with LCD displays and catchy graphics on their modules and further more are the aforementioned companies making the housing more ‘you’.

Pro Modular makes custom blind panels for modulars in every format. If you don’t like staring into the abyss of wires and power boards or are too poor to fill your modular with modules, you now have an alternative to make it feel more complete while giving it an aesthetic of your choice. I spent a second with Stephen, the man behind Pro-Modular:

When I purchased my first case (a subrack from Elby) it had no top. I have a laser cutter/etcher and made myself a top. Then I made a post over at Muff’s seeing if anyone would be interested in blind panels or panels for DIY. I have also made a custom face panel for my TR-606 out of acrylic. After the comments at Muff’s, I built the site, stocked up on materials and let it go. I sent out some promo panels to Muff, Devine and James Ciglar. I also brought some sample panels to an NYC Wiggler meetup at Dave from Bubblesound’s place for some promo. Just trying to spread the word. It’s also not limited to euro, we can do all modular formats and will be expanding to 19″ racks and cool little acrylic cutouts. Think keychains.

I love having something to really make your own. I grew up writing graffiti (I’m from the Bronx NY and still here!) which is such a personal way to mold yourself into something. That extended into graphic design. I basically merged my two loves, synths and design, into this project. I mean, what better way to fill up those blanks spaces than with a panel of something you absolutely love or designed yourself. I still have my 9-5, but am really excited to have this to offer to a community that I feel thrives on personal customization…


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