Namm 2010 + BBQ 5000 + Gig

The Trash_Audio boys are heading to LA/Anaheim once again in January 2010 for ‘coverage’ of the NAMM show. I use quotation marks because if you saw the last NAMM Video we made, you’d understand we’re not exactly reporters. Hell, they wouldn’t give us passes this year and after talking to many people, I’m finding out that NAMM is extraordinarily stingy on the passes this go around. Don’t worry, the Trash_Audio team found a legitimate way in. We’ll try to cover interesting new instruments and technology or at least make fun of them.

Since 2008, things have changed dramatically – We have more friends and we have more readers. With the said ‘success’ we are hosting a Trash_Audio BBQ Saturday the 16th in Anaheim with some of the modular synthesizer manufacturers, software synth manufacturers and the addicts they supply to. It’ll be like the Totally Wired documentary except with a pool and grill.

I’ll be playing downtown LA on Friday the 15th 2010. Here is an absolutely worthless link but hopefully it’ll be updated as the date gets closer. HERE! So far, I know its John Tejada, Jimmy Edgar, Richard Devine, Deru, Drumcell, Acid Circus, Brion Trifon and much more.

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