Tip Top Audio: Z8000 Matrix Sequencer

This sequencer has been getting me hyped for some time. Namely because my current sequencer system consists of three parts: The Doepfer A-155/A-154/A-151 that costs about $700 new and takes up 76 TE/HP of space. Price tag and space issues aside, this thing is great, it does everything I need it to do. Forward, backward, pendulum, random, one shots, all the normal things. It also does some strange things with enough patch cables and experimenting. But does it do everything I want it to do? Instantly controlled chaos off the bat? No. See the thing about Doepfer modules is that while they’re instruments that perform their function – they need some inspiration and patience when approaching them. In other words, they’re boring but still essential. Tip Top Audio, as well as other current modular manufacturers, are beautiful in their functionality and invite you to play with them, figure them out and have fun in the process. There are features that may take getting used to, for instance not having gate/triggers out but these are to be addressed with future releases or you can figure a way around it with its given 10 CV outputs. The obvious reasons to grab this instantly are in plain view, its compact, 57% the price of my current system and looks fun as hell.

Ok, very basic, just one sequencer out of 10 is used. The CV that goes to the VCO also triggers the EG, strange ahhh(: : – Gur from Tip Top Audio

My first few minutes with the Z8000 Prototype from GM on Vimeo.

This is the first completed Z8000 Matrix Sequencer/Programmer for Eurorack. The module is now finished and goes into factory production soon. Tiptop Audio plans to show this module at Winter NAMM 2010 and we should have stock by the end of January. The price should be about $395.

Pictures and Information: Analog Haven.

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