Trash_Audio & Xart: Synth Meet 6

Early Warning. The Trash_Audio team and Xart Studios are planning to have the synth meet on Sunday, February 21st starting at 3pm going to 9pm. We’re going to have more of a structured format this time. First we’re having three special guest lectures from Grant Richter of Wiard, Suit & Tie Guy from STG, and Scott Jaeger of Harvestman. That in itself should be worth coming to see. Also, we’re going to have an improv session following John Zorn’s card composition method.

While bringing your modular/synth/ keyboard/ drum machine/ whatever-makes-noise is not necessary, we highly encourage it. These meets have been extremely resourceful, informative and invaluable to the midwest community by providing a mass of equipment for users to try first hand. As always, these meets have been free and organized by T_A and Xart.

If you’re interested, have questions, comments or bullshit opinions, send an e-mail to and I’ll be sending out information (addresses, secret handshakes) on the meet later next month. If you’re a manufacturer I recommend you send an e-mail to me for arrangements to have your gear featured at this event. Transmission Over.

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