Gorilla Box Overview

Gorilla Box is a new line of custom made Eurorack modular synthesizer cases that, in themselves, are modular and are manufactured through Anvil. These cases are built to withstand an insane amount of punishment and are meant for modular users who travel with their system, or have a cat that likes to routinely tip a system over. Every case will be made to order and a ‘standard’ version of the case theoretically does not exist because of the amount of options available. The case will have a number of requirements, options, features and functions. This is the prototype that I received in time for the Synth Meet 7 and vast improvements are being implemented onto the alpha design.


The key features of the Gorilla Box are that almost everything on it is customizable, the inside case is isolated from the carrying case to prevent impact damage, the lid has legs that serves as a table, a Tip Top Audio power supply and a lifetime warranty from Anvil.


The case is manufactured by Anvil and Gorilla Box has access to all of their materials. Some variables are the materials that range from Fiberglass, plexiglass, industrial plastic to metal. A large color palette is also available for the cases.

The Lid

The lid on this model is quite deep and makes the overall size of the case large and awkward to caryy but this is being addressed with a slimmer version that also will have legs and be carry-on luggage sized. The deeper lid has some advantages such as keeping complex patches using several levels of Stackables and is able to pack in the Make Noise Skiff system with no problems. Also, you can add the vector case on the deeper lid to make it a double 12U case. With my current Doepfer case I can squeeze a patch with a depth of 2 Stackables, anything higher will have to be patched later when the lid is off.

The current version of this lid has legs on the bottom of the case are currently secured by velcro. In all future versions the legs will be secured with a lightweight locking clamp with riveted screw to secure them into place.

Outside Case

The outside case is everything you would expect from Anvil, a company that carries a history of catering to touring musicians since the 50’s. This thing can take a beating and it definitely will now that I don’t fear checking it on a plane. The case and lid are secured with an industrial latch and will have an option for a combination lock. The outside case is lined with industrial foam that keeps the removable inside case isolated from damage. Some improvements will include the option installing wheels and retractable handle that will make the Gorilla Box roll around like a suitcase. Also additional handles can be installed on the sides.

Removable Inside Case

The model I received had a few minor problems with the removable inside case and while talking to Gorilla box, they informed me that the inside case is being completely redesigned by Vector featuring a threaded rail system, opposed to floating nuts, and will be black anodized metal. The vector case will have a power supply connected so you can pull the system out and use the recessed handles on the vector case to put it into your rack. Did you read that right? Yeah – this Vector case will be easily mountable to any standard rack system.

Power Supply

The power supply is manufactured by Tip Top Audio and is similar to a laptop computer power supply. It was originally designed to drive 3 bus board comfortably but when powering 2 bus boards, you’ll have enough power for optional lights. My only experience with cases and power supplies are with Doepfer – here are some advantages of Tip Top Audio’s power supply:

– The power supply itself is outside the case making the case less heated and prone to disaster.

– It supports both 110/220 voltage. This means that a) these power supplies are universal and b) when you’re traveling all you need is an adapter. This is a huge advantage for me because in Europe I’ve had to carry around a power converter brick that adds a lot of weight and worry when traveling.

– No fuses

– The power supply is easily affordable and easily replaceable should they get separated from your case.

Here’s some specifics from the manufacturer:

The power system is made of 3 units:

1. The external power supply.

2. The regulator boards providing +/-12V and +5V using custom made regulators.

3. The bus boards.

The power supply can delivers up to 1200mA per rail, that is 24000mA all together!!!

All you need to hook it up to a European or other power grids is a local power cord or adapter.

The power supply is protected against short circuit. In case of short it will shut off itself in case of a short and recover by itself after few minutes.The over all weight of the power system is probably less then half of a regular power supply yet provides double the current.

From my short experience with it, I left the power on for 48 hours straight and turned it on and off in rapid succession for about 30 second to see if something would blow out and absolutely nothing went wrong. If I tried that on/off trick on my Doepfer case I promise you I would’ve went through 15 fuses.

You can expect the price range to be around Doepfer cases but it’s difficult to give specifics as every order varies immensely, given the amount of options. This is going to be my case of choice. What I’d like to see happen with the success with these cases is more modular systems on stage and on the road!!

The turnaround time is approximately 6 – 9 days. To get on the waiting list for a custom case, contact: gorillaboxes@gmail.com

More pictures can be found: Here

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    is it wider then 19"? or I'm hallucinating?