Gorilla Box

For the past several months, I’ve been excited for this case and this morning it came to my door along with some Tip Top Audio goodies. I received these pictures documenting the final stages of the development from Gorilla Box. A proper review of its features, which are extensively customizable, will be done later. I’ll bring everything on sunday. See you there.

Some notes on the case:

There are legs on the inside of the lid allowing it to be used as a side table for other gear – guitar pedals, laptop, whatever fits. The inside is wired with a new Tiptop Audio power system which emits essentially no heat. The regulator is the size of an iPhone and the power supply is like a lacie mini brick style external power supply. A bit of trivia: Surachai of TRASH_AUDIO is in possession of the first one.
– Stolen from MatrixSynth

The website is in a transition mode and will be updated soon: Gorilla Box

E-mail: gorillaboxes at gmail.com

One Response to “Gorilla Box”

  1. B May 22, 2010 at 3:41 am #

    yo dog, i heard you like cases, so i put a case in your case so you can be portable while you're being portable.

    looks pretty rad.