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Video Description
Jonathan Snipes of Captain Ahab ( is such a remarkably enthusiastic STG Soundlabs Time Modules user that when he emailed me and said “I hear you’re working on a clock divider module that runs off the STG Sync Bus … please let me know when i can have it” I couldn’t help but just go ahead and mail him my own prototype. (don’t worry, i built another and yes he paid for it)
Jonathan was so happy to be able to extract all sorts of different rhythmic clocks driven by his TR-808 that he made this video showing off the Time Divider driving all sorts of aspects of his modular synthesiser and gave it to me to post up here in my U-Toob account.
We’ve still got a couple of firmware sniggles to deal with, but here is the 97 percent operational Time Divider being used in the composition of a track which Donald Crunk declared “hot as shit” when he heard it, and I’m inclined to agree with him.
I’m not entirely sure what the Time Divider is doing here, but I’m hearing a lot of rhythmic intervals happneing against the TR-808 that simply would not be possible with anything other than the Time Divider or a rack full of extremly hard-to-find Garfield Mini-Docs.
The Time Divider will be available soon from STG Soundlabs ( and not too long after from Analogue Haven (

Thank you very much, Jonathan.

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