Synth Meet 7 Updates

A number of developments have occurred throughout the past week. Some of the original guests that were supposed to fly in have been kept at home due to work related issues and hopefully they’ll be able to join us in the next synth meet. With that out of the way here’s some of the things I’ll have to show at the Synth Meet on Sunday.

Tip Top Audio is sending two Z3000 MKII Oscillators that feature a new waveshaper.

– I’ll have a Gorilla case that will sport Tip Top Audio power and an insane amount of customizable features including shock-mounted stabilization for the touring musician. Pictures and proper review on it later.

Make Noise is letting me bring the Skiff along with the Pressure Points expander Brains beta to make up for his absence.

And that’s just my share.

Harvestman will be arriving with a Stillson Hammer – which is a hex-output burst generator. Uhh.. I’m assuming that spits out crazy gates.

STG will be bringing the behemoth Archangel Sequencer

We have people coming from all over the country and along with them an insane amount of gear. We’re currently at full capacity and can’t take anymore people. Thanks for all of the interest and get at us earlier for the next synth meet. Sunday can’t come soon enough!

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