Xart + Trash_Audio: Chicago Modular Musickal Extemporization Klinic

Chicago Modular Musickal Extemporization Klinic Saturday June 19 2010 12:30PM-?

The XART Studio + TRASHAUDIO.COM will be hosting more fun for 2010. Charles Cohen + hair_loss (Color Is Luxury) will be in Chicago to do a modular synthesizer/ electronics based improv workshop/clinic! – a talk and demo of the architecture of the Buchla Easel – a Performance + discussing and working up patches suitable for free improv + small group jams / improv games- try ideas out, collaborate (and listen!) + plenty of time for give and take all along the way!

Seating/Spots will be limited (to about 20-ish people). This is a RSVP workshop with a modest donation.

A rough schedule is in the works – we plan to keep this low stress, casual and fun! We hope to end the day with an evening concert where you can invite your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/family whoever! – to listen and watch the results of what we did all day. If you are interested email: kultbox@gmail.com please put Chicago Modular Musickal Extemporization Klinic in the subject! We will forward information on how to attend!

The Color Is Luxury sound is always improvisational, changing and evolving, ranging from very dense and harsh to minimal and ambient, beats to spacey, based on their mood at the time and the atmosphere of the space they’re playing in. Regardless of the situation, they manage to come up with something special.

Charles plays a Buchla Music Easel, a rare analog performance instrument he acquired from master synth maker Don Buchla in 1976. he performs regularly in Philly with various folks on the techno, noise, jazz and new music scenes.

hair_loss plays a variety of esoteric and mainstream effects pedals and devices, which he wires up differently for each show, thus always keeping Charles guessing. hair_loss is also involved with SNOWSTORM & Jive Nation, and collaborates frequently with other Philadelphia artists.


4 Responses to “Xart + Trash_Audio: Chicago Modular Musickal Extemporization Klinic”

  1. rastko May 26, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    hi ,

    this sounds great but I am in Switzerland :-).

    It would be nice if you could make an video of this workshop as these themes : " …a talk and demo of the architecture of the Buchla Easel – a Performance + discussing and working up patches suitable for free improv +…" are very interesting , I think for a lot off people around the world.

    Could you ask or do you know about any books that cover these themes ?

    Charles Cohens video got me into modular :-) music making .
    I was like : "wow !!!" when I saw it and am still : "wow"

    from this wow state I send you greetings


  2. Tony Rolando May 27, 2010 at 6:59 pm #

    A video would be very cool. Not as cool as being there though…


  3. tyler June 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm #

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for having us, this event was a blast from start to finish and it was great hanging out and jamming with all of you. We're down to come back whenever… who wouldn't be? You guys really have a special scene there to be proud of.

    tyler (and charles)

    p.s. You all got me really curious about creating my own modular setup now…here we go!

  4. surachai June 20, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    Tyler! Thanks for coming out and schooling us. I'm piecing together a video of the performance. You'll see it in a couple days.