Tip Top Z-Rails

It’s becoming increasingly clear that manufacturers are bringing alternatives to Eurorack case world. What Doepfer started years ago, manufacturers like Tip Top Audio, Gorilla Box, Monorocket and others are refining and creating new, less expensive ways to get into the Eurorack format. I’ve had my frustrations with cases and one of them is being addressed right now with these rails. The rail systems on some cases, such as Monorocket, have sliding nuts making it extremely time consuming installing modules. Doepfer cases offer the preferred rails that had stationary threads. This cuts down installation time because the modules simply fit and you don’t have to chase loose nuts. The threaded rails, however, were expensive to attain – even to manufacturers that were buying in bulk. It looks like Tip Top Audio has addressed the rail dilemma AND has developed a more stable, universal power supply for cases – These guys are on a rampage! Tip Top Audio

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