Harvestman – Piston Honda Overview

Harvestman Piston Honda Wavetable Oscillator

Waveforms can be scanned manually and also with CV.
Rom A – Noisy Waveforms
Rom B – Additive Waveforms
Rom C – Classic Waveforms
Rom D – Bosch Gardens
Morph Discontinuity determines length of transition.
Higher value knob settings on the the morph discontinuity cause sharper transitions.
Lower values cause the transitions to be smoothed.
Holding the Wave Discontinuity button (lights on) smooths out digital artifacts.
External signals can be processed.
In this mode the frequency knob acts as a pseudo volume/gain control.
Rom Select can be selected manually or with gates.
Hard Sync and FM are both achievable by sending audio rate (Hard Sync) or LFO (Hard Sync and FM) signal to the Frequency jacks.

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  1. Brian October 18, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    That is a cool module! Makes me wanna get a modular system :) By the way I work in Ballard – the Harvestman shop is located in Freemont??? I’d love a tour!

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