POLYFUSE – Live Analog Session

Every once in a while I like to hook up my ‘analog’ (No computers) setup and jam out while broadcasting the results on a videocast. Well, I was getting ready to disconnect all the gear in preparation for a big move so I thought’d I’d do one last analog session. This time I remembered to record the audio, so here it is. 1 hour and 22min of analog improvisations:

Direct Links to MP3’s:
Live Analog Session – Part 1
Live Analog Session – Part 2
Live Analog Session – Part 3

All part’s in one ZIP:
Download (183mb)


Recorded with the following:

Cwejman S1mk2
Grendel Drone Commander
Tubeworks Overdrive
Ross 10 Band EQ
Alesis Ineko
Soundcraft MFXi8

Stereo Output recorded with RME Fireface 800. Stereo two track mastered with UAD-2 Suite

4 Responses to “POLYFUSE – Live Analog Session”

  1. Alessandro July 16, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    nice CWEJMAN!!!

  2. netpusher July 19, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    Really good set! Are you using the 808 or the x0x for the master clock?

  3. Justin McGrath July 20, 2010 at 10:37 am #

    @netpusher, thanks! The main clock is from the x0xb0x, via dinsync. No other clock sources.


  1. POLYFUSE – Output, New Analog / Acid album…(updated) | Trash_Audio - December 2, 2010

    […] A while back I released an album called No One Will Come To Save Us that was my first venture into an all hardware and mostly analog setup. I simply used a computer to record the stereo output of the mixer. Back when I made that first album it was bit of an accident as I was never really into the idea of just using hardware. I didn’t think the results would be very good for some reason. But sure enough, I hooked everything up almost as a joke or a toy to play with and quickly found that the output was far different then what I could achieve on a computer. Every aspect changed; the writing process, the overall sound and most importantly the interaction. I ended up recording a full length first album quite quickly and from that point on would just turn on this separate ‘acid’ studio for fun (without recording) or for random impromptu live videocasts. One of those video casts lasted around two hours and was the first one I actually recorded audio while playing. You can find that recording on a free release called Live Analog Session. […]

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