Glitchmachines – Bent Circuitry Sample Pack

Glitchmachines is a company that is known for their customized circuit bent hardware instruments with hand painted geometric paint jobs. Everything from Speak & Spells to Roland Drum Machines; it was all fair game to the Glitchmachines aesthetic. While they might return to mangling hardware in 2012, the main focus is now on a series of sample packs, the first of which is entitled Bent Circuitry.

Bent Circuitry features 1100 unprocessed 24 bit 44.1kHz samples, comprised of sounds from the following circuit bent instruments:

Syntax Cataract
Substitute Teacher
Logic Bomb
Pixel Crusher XT
Pixel Crusher Omega
Ping Wheel
Rhythm Center
Rogue Calculator
Sit & Listen
Avid Reader
Chance Station
Talking Wizard Plus

BENT CIRCUITRY – Sample Pack – Audio Example by glitchmachines

Glitchmachines Bent Circuitry
Glitchmachines Flickr Porn

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