January 21st, 2012
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GearTrack, the organizational tool, marketplace, and answer to the music industry’s age-old problem of instrument theft, is currently in development. Through the creation of its searchable database, GearTrack aims to address four main goals: instrument and music gear management, to become a communicative platform and place for exchange, provenance for all levels of musicianship, and prevention of theft through the power of community.


You know about Matrixsynth already, it’s probably the reason you heard of our site. I’ve wasted months off my life staring at this site but at the same time getting schooled with “everything synth”. A valuable resource for news/researching, synth pr0n and watching incredible and incredibly horrible videos.

Tip Top Audio

Gur of Tip Top Audio has been dubbed “the smartest man in the room” by his competitors and the quality of his new-school meets old-school designs is a testament to this statement. Redesigning a Prophet filter, TR-808 drum instruments or making technological advances with the Z-DSP computer module – Tip Top Audio is making new audio tools with a nod to the past.

Make Noise Music

Tony Rolando, formally of Moog, has a deep musical background which is very apparent in Make Noise’s designs. Emphasis is placed on performance orientated modules and these modules breathes new life into entire modular systems. With products like the Pressure Points and RENÈ the word ‘presets’ become a reality and performance becomes a possibility. Oh, Make Noise loves vactrols too.

Harvestman Digital Electronics

Scott Jaeger embraces the advantages of analog and digital worlds and combines them into hybrid destroyers of the audio spectrum. If bitcrusher, wavetable distortion, and circuit bending mean anything to you, you’ll understand the potential destructive force behind Harvestman’s designs but the strange thing is – his modules play very well with others as well.

Twisted Tools

Twisted Tools offer an incredible amount of products for such a young company. Their Reaktor patches create sounds you’ve probably heard but never dreamt would be in your control. The layouts and designs are inviting and not littered with hard to reach menus. Focusing on From beautiful performance oriented Reaktor patches to stunning sample packs, Twisted Tools knows what the seasoned musician wants.

Late Night Desires
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