Workspace and Environment: Omniflux

Mahsa Zargaran of Omniflux.

I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Got put in jail at 15 for having a party. So that made it kind of an easy decision to move out of Iran. Couldn’t have picked a more opposite freak show of a town to move to than Orange County. That was 1999. I now reside in Los Angeles.

I’ve played classical piano since I was 5. Became very good at it, but by my late teens it felt more like doing math and/or a meditation exercise than doing something wild and unpredictable. I still love playing classical piano though. It’s very calming. I got really deep into film scores when I was about 21 and that’s all I listened to (besides Eminem). Thats when my interest in creating music began. I crave being completely focused on something. That craving motivates me. What’s special about making music is that I can put headphones on and get lost listening to a beat but still stay fully focused.

Current Favorite Hardware
Dave Smith Instruments’ Poly Evolver. It’s such an intuitive synth and yet so complex. I love all the knobs. I lose interest in sound design quickly if I have to read menu options on a screen for everything instead of turning a knob for every parameter. AND it has pretty blue lights.

Current Favorite Software
-NI’s Massive and Arturia’s Minimoog are my two go to plugins right now. I understand them well and I’d rather use 2 plugins i know than having all the plugins in the world. That stresses me out to even think about.

Workspace and Environment
I like working in small intimate spaces. I can’t work if there’s anybody around. I’ve always worked by myself and will probably continue to do so. People would be scared if they saw me work. lots of dancing around happens. Good lighting is essential to my work flow and it probably serves my work more than any piece of gear.

I know they’re supposed to be important but physically I don’t apply it. I often find myself sitting in awkward positions on a couch with a synth for a long time. Can’t get to anything comfortably, and when i get up my whole body has fallen asleep, but I keep doing the same thing. I have a sickness. I like changing around my studio set up a lot. Having the same gear in the same place all the time freaks me out. Makes it routine like.

Los Angeles probably gets in the way of my output more than it contributes. there’s always a friend playing a show somewhere. I could go out every night and see a show. It’s very distracting. Too much information going in.

Ideal Location
A loft in the middle of a busy city with lots of big windows and skylights. Cats, baby goats and ducklings would live there. Nice places to walk to would be cool. Like a river, museums, etc.

Less is more. No preparation, just execution. Don’t think. Stop thinking. Seriously, stop thinking. Don’t spend too much time on a sound, take a crappy sound and make it work.

Extra Curricular
Outside of my own project Omniflux, I play drums in Sabrosa Purr and Big Black Delta. I’ve scored a couple of short films. I hope to do a lot more scoring in the future.


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  1. Q February 2, 2012 at 12:24 am #

    One of the coolest persons i met in 2011

  2. Katt February 2, 2012 at 3:00 am #

    So much love for this artist!

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