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I’m clueless with video synthesis but know that Nick/brownshoesonly is one of the leading guys in the country doing it. He lives in the neighborhood, has been supporting T_A for the past few years, and he’s taking pre-orders on his DIY circuit.

Greetings all..
I am very happy to inform that I have completed a build of a Triple Video VCA. It’s an extension of the DIY circuits Lars had posted here in the forum.
As an Lzx user this is geared to fit right into the system. The module follows both the Lzx voltage and panel specifications. It’s a skiff-able SMT design based around 3 LT1251’s and 3 LM6172’s with Lars’ schematic shown below.

Currently I have 35 boards and 35 panels. I am looking to pre-order roughly 5-8 of these modules at a $25 discount for $175. This pre-order is designed to help me acquire a batch of parts to finish the rest of the modules. Once I fill some part orders my pre-order will close. If/When this run of panels would ever sell out. The panel graphics are subject to change based on whether or not I try to put out some other simple utilities.

This module was something that I wanted so I could free up crossfaders. You can patch a VCA in the TVFKG by using the B input and the CV(leaving A empty). But I just don’t have enough crossfaders. (or keyers sometimes). It’s a simple utility that I’m sure you can find plenty of use for.

It works wonders in the Vector world. And could be a big part of developing a rutt etra style block diagram. My NASA Com Truise video is nothing but a standard vector patch with VCA’s on the ramps and the video into a VBM with an envelope follower on the CV, and one slow LFO.

So please PM me with any interest on the discounted preorder. I’m currently waiting on knobs and ribbon cables before I’m able to ship the first completed modules. ($5 shipping) All sales would be through Paypal.

A little background.
I am an electronics tech living and working in Chicago Il. Many of you may have met me . I’ve been at just about every T_A meet for the past 3 years.

Since college I have felt as if I have lost elements of my education. Motivated to halt that sequence of events I started talking to Lars about making a triple video vca. Through these talks and a lot of hand holding, I got used to working with a new PCB design software. Lars’ really came through with tips/hints and encouragement to get this project done. (thanks Lars!)

Feel free to DIY yourself.

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