Tip Top Audio – Z4000 Envelope Generator

“In this example the Z4000 controls the frequency modulation of both Z2040s in the patch, one Z2040 is set to self oscillate while the other Z2040 pass sounds coming from the hats909. The light on the Z4000 swings from yellow to red as the envelope moves between the two polarities. Z8000 modulate the attack and sustain. Bass drum is coming from the …yes the upcoming BD909. And a tad of delay by the Z-DSP.”

“This patch is an example of how two Z4000 cross modulating each other, the out from the right Z4000 controls the frequency of the Z2040 but also triggers the left Z4000 which control the decay of the right Z4000 and on and on and on… Z3000s mix of saws are the sound going into the filter.”

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