MakeNoise – Creature III Patch Outtake

MakeNoise – Creature III Patch Outtake from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Third patch outtake from the Creature series. This patch was contrived completely using only these MakeNoise modules, Pressure Points, Rene, Optomix, Moddemix, Wooglebug, Maths, DPO (Dual Prismatic Oscillator), Echophon, and Phonogene. The patch was clocked using the Wooglebug as the main tempo, and then sent to 4 different sources. Trills courtesy of the Maths output then triggering sporadically the strike inputs on the Optomix. Rene CV plots the pitch inputs on the DPO and fluttering CV/Gate data to the Phonogene. Woogle stepped out controlling various parameters on Echophon, and Phonogene for extra animation. Reverb splashes by the Eventide Space pedal which was used on the Echophon feedback output and return. One output on pressure points to toggle on and off the freeze function on Echophon for the held feedback effects. This patch was inspired by Morton Subotnick’s “Sidewinder.”

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