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In case you were wondering who the “Best Synthesizer Geek/One-Man Black-Metal Band”, “Best Singer-Songwriter Who Appeals to People Who Don’t Like Singer-Songwriters”, “Best Band With a Front Woman Who Looks Hot Even in a Monster Mask”, “Best Jazz Facial Hair”, or “Best Longtime Rock ‘n’ Roll Ambassador in the LGBT Community” in Chicago are, they’re all HERE. The first made up category features yours truly. Oh, by the way, I don’t have an analog drum machine, my last album was with a band, I don’t play drums and don’t practice tremolo picking.


“The stereotype of black-metal musicians as murderous, church-burning, white-­supremacist pagans in corpsepaint was out of date ten years ago—by now the style has worked its way into almost every corner of the underground, and you can find just about as many kinds of black metallers as you can metal­heads in general. However, it’s still unusual to encounter one who spends just as much time obsessing over arcane modular synthesizers and ancient analog drum machines as he does practicing tremolo picking and blastbeats. Local artist Surachai has released more than a dozen albums in the past six years, including full-band ensemble pieces that stick fairly close to the black-­metal playbook (such as this spring’s Embraced) and total avant-garde synth freak-outs. In his spare time he’s part of the Trash Audio collective, a coalition of gearheads that delights in making esoteric sounds with alarmingly complicated synthesizer setups.”

Chicago Reader
Surachai – Embraced

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  1. A July 9, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    Haha, you must be obsessing over ancient analog drum machines because you don’t have one!

    And what’s tremolo picking?

    Music writing is fun to use as inspiration to make music. Ancient analog drum machines are what, Turkish war drums? Egyptian slaves playing for the pharaoh?

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