Mutable Instruments – Braids Heavy Modulation Wavetable Overview

This overview is an exploration into the versatility of the Braids’ wavetable synthesis using heavy modulation. The Timbre, Color, FM, Trigger inputs are being fed intense modulation. If you want to hear specific waveforms, they are all timestamped on Youtube in About/Show More. All the waveforms are timestamped on the YouTube page. The basic waveforms can be heard below in Equinoxoz Music Solutions’ video. This overview does not cover the universal paramaters like Bits, Rate, Trig, META, etc… You can find additional information in the Braids Manual.

CSAW 0:04
/\/|-_-_ 0:21
/|/|-_-_ 0:45
SYNC 1:01
FOLD 1:15
_|_|_|_|_ 1:35
RING 1:54
/|/|/|/| 2:16
/|/|_|_|_ 2:36
TOY* 3:05
ZLPF 3:20, ZPKF 3:42, ZHPF 4:01
VOSM 4:11
VOWL, 4:29 VFOF 4:57
FM 5:15, FBFM 5:37, WTFM 5:50
BELL 6:09
PLUK 6:19
BOWD 6:40
BLOW 7:09, FLUTE 7:29
WTBL 7:49
WMAP 8:02
NOIS 8:18
TWNQ 8:32
CLKN 8:41
CLOU 8:51, PRTC 8:59
QPSK 9:18

BRAIDS manual overview. from Equinoxoz music solutions on Vimeo.

4 Responses to “Mutable Instruments – Braids Heavy Modulation Wavetable Overview”

  1. Huno July 9, 2013 at 9:56 pm #

    I think Mutable Instruments will be my first step on modular synthesis. I’ve never bought OR seen a modular synth in my life, yet I think this will be my frist complete modular, all the mutable stuff.

  2. renderful July 10, 2013 at 1:55 am #

    Great stuff.

    The youtube time links are broken when using them from this page. t=185s is improper form, while t=185 works.

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