SSF Propagate Micro Beats by Joseph Fraioli

SSF Propagate Micro Beats from joseph fraioli on Vimeo.

micro beats – achieved by running four separate clock signals into the SSF propagate (chaos computer binary outs x2 clocked by the 4MS SCM and 2 channels of the 4MS PEG clocked by the SCM and divided) . Propagate delay and space times were adjusted then the SUM output fed into a vca. one sound source (cyclebox) was used for all of the micro percussion. the vca out then went into the tiptop z-dsp with dragonfly delay card. the program changes are happening by way of wogglebug stepped output to the program change in on the z-dsp. additional modulation of the parameters of the z-dsp are coming from the synth tech e355.
kick drum – hertz donut mark 2 through the make noise optomix with a bit of an openess on the control att to create the sustained drone.
hi hat like thing – SSF quantum rainbow purple noise out into the SSF PTG with additional level adjustment by the SSF ground control. this is then fed into the grendel formant filter then the mungo d0 for timbre variance. clock source for this is the pamelas workout into the PTG which is being clocked by the 4MS SCM.
reversed maths bouncing ball – one channel of maths being clocked again by the 4ms SCM with the fall time modulated by the synth tech e355. sound source here is braids being FMed by a dixie.
main clock source for the patch was an intellijel dixie.
verb from the h8000fw :)

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